The Grounds


When you cross the ford, park your car and walk toward the Barn, you're greeted with acres of sprawling gardens and majestic trees. Every season reveals Lavandula in a different light: autumn turns the leaves ruby and gold; winter brings rain that fills the creek; spring delivers an endless chorus of flowers and birdsong; and summer is all about lavender.


Free tours of the 1850s stone farmhouse at 12 noon, 2 pm and 4 pm.

The Farm


Ten minutes North of Daylesford, Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm is nestled amongst the rolling hills of Shepherds Flat. One of Victoria's most important rural properties, Lavandula boasts European-style gardens planted out to frame and meander around the original 1850s stone buildings. Productive vegetable and herb gardens supply the cafe, La Trattoria. Lavender provides quality materials for the creation of farm-made body lotions and creams, room mists and insecticides, and essential oil.

Annual Membership


If you visit Lavandula more than three times per year, it makes sense to have an annual membership at only $12.00 per person. You can then visit as often as you like minus our gate fee.

Annual membership also makes a great gift!

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