Sunday 18 November 2018

11 am - 4 pm

Lavandula's La Primavera Festival

A celebration of our Swiss Italian heritage, the region's health-giving underground mineral waters and the dedicated healing practitioners that are so important to the Hepburn Shire. We're pleased to announce that Santa Taranta will make sure the festival comes alive with their blend of Italian and European folk music. Visit the Water Bar for a glass or two of the region's own natural mineral waters. Make a date with one or more of the region's best healing practitioners who'll be available to help you relax, rejuvenate  and reinvigorate. Explore the original 1850s stone farmhouse for an in depth tour conducted by the original descendants. Take a leisurely stroll around the gardens and deeply breathe in the clean, country air and take in wide views of the grounds and beyond. It is a day for the whole family to come together and celebrate the birth of spring.



Arguably one of Australia's finest Italian bands, Santa Taranta will be filling the festival air with their intoxicating music.


As part of the Live.Love.Life weekend in Daylesford and the Hepburn Shire, Lavandula is hosting a day of health, healing and happiness.

On arriving at the farm, head straight for the Water Bar. You'll be invited to sample some of the region's best underground mineral water and learn about the health-giving properties of these amazing waters. In-depth talks will be conducted at 11:30 am and 2 pm.

Beyond the water bar, feel free to explore our Field of Healers. Some of the region's best healing practitioners will be on hand to help you find health, healing and happiness.

Some of the healing practices include massage, reiki, meditation, yoga, art therapy, cupping & spooning, and more.



Healing practitioners will be available on the farm over the whole weekend - 17th & 18th of November.

Saturday 17th          Sunday 18th

Reiki Healing           Reiki

Prenatal yoga          Meditation

Meditation               Massage

Art therapy              Cupping & spooning

Yoga & breath         Yoga & breath

Lavandula Map


Special areas of the farm will be devoted to the Live Love Life weekend of the region.

We will be trading as usual, but the map is a handy guide for knowing where the dedicated Live Love Life event will be hosted on the farm.

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